Can I feed my Volcano Shrimp (Opae ula, Halocaridina rubra) dry aquarium fish food ?

Hikari sinking fish food pellet.

Yes, you can use sinking fish food pellet or wafer.

Drop 1 or 2 pellets into the tank or break the wafer into smaller pieces.

Make sure the shrimp finish it within a day.

Remove any uneaten food the next day to avoid polluting the water.

For high quality and consistency, I always buy fish food from Hikari, Tetra, API and Aqueon.

One small package will last me a year !

Can I keep my Volcano Shrimp in a sealed bottle ?

Yes, you can.

My suggestion is to drill a small hole on the lid or cover.

This allows good air exchange and provide the volcano shrimp a much healthier environment to live in.

Drill 1 to 2 holes on the lid or cover to allow good air exchange.