My colleague kept the volcano shrimp (Opae ula, Halocaridina rubra) in a small bottle and did not feed them for 4 years !

My colleague kept the volcano shrimp in this bottle for 4 years without feeding !

My colleague had a small bottle with 8 volcano shrimps.

The local fish shop (LFS) told her no feeding was required to care for the shrimp.

She did ! For 4 years,  the shrimps managed to survive without any food.

Soon after I helped her moved the volcano shrimp into a bigger bottle and a water change, the shrimps started to breed.

So I asked her, "So what did you do differently to encourage the shrimp to breed ?"

She answered, "Nothing. I just started feeding the shrimp.

Basically, she drop 1 to 2 fish food pellets into the bottle once a week.

The pellet are coloured red and green. Green pellet contains more plant materials than the red pellet.

Keep the fish food in a small air tight bottle.

So give the shrimp enough food and a bigger home to live in.

In return, they will surprise you with their offspring !