How to take a good and sharp photograph of your volcano shrimp (Opae ula, Halocaridina rubra) so that you can study it in detail ?

My colleague asked me, "The shrimp is so small, how can I see them ?"

As always, my answer is to take a photograph.

Everyone has a mobile phone and it comes with a camera.

First, you snap a digital photograph of your shrimp with your mobile phone.

Then you open up the photograph on your phone.

View it at 100%, 200%, 300%, 500% or higher magnification.

But not all mobile phones comes with close-up or macro features.

To solve this problem, I ordered an iPhone attachment called an Olloclip.

Olloclip comes with a wide angle, fisheye and 2 close-up lens.

I just clip this on my iPhone and go shooting.

I use an olloclip attachment on an iPhone to take close-up photograph of the shrimp

There are many close-up attachment on the market for various phone model.

Just get one that fit your budget.

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