Welcome to Volcano Shrimp

Volcano Shrimp is also known as:

- Opae Ula

- Halocaridina rubra

- Micro Lobster

- Super Shrimp

- Hawaiian Red Shrimp

- Ecosphere Shrimp

- Anchialine Shrimp

- Endemic Red Shrimp

- Legendary Red Shrimp

- Tiny Red Shrimp

- Wonder Shrimp

What is this amazing little shrimp called Volcano Shrimp ?

Volcano Shrimp is a native red shrimp in the island of Hawaii. It is about 1 to 2 cm long.

It lives in anchialine ponds that are partial sea water mixed with  fresh water.
We call it brackish water. 

The shrimp will thrive and breed successfully in this environment.

Where can I get my hand on these Volcano Shrimp (aka Opae Ula) ?

There are a few resources where you can obtain these shrimps.

a) Amazon sellers

b) Aquabid

c) OhMyOpae

d) Hawaii Opae Ula

How does the natural habitat of the Volcano Shrimp look like ?

This is an Anchialine pools in Koloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Kona, Hawaii. You can see grass and lava rock in the background.

How does a Volcano Shrimp (aka Opae Ula) larvae looks like ?

The larvae swim in a vertical position for days before they mature and fully developed to swim in a horizontal position.