​Welcome to Volcano Shrimp

Volcano Shrimp is also known as:

- Opae Ula

- Halocaridina rubra

- Micro Lobster

- Super Shrimp

- Hawaiian Red Shrimp

- Ecosphere Shrimp

- Anchialine Shrimp

- Endemic Red Shrimp

- Legendary Red Shrimp

- Tiny Red Shrimp

- Wonder Shrimp

What is a Volcano Shrimp ?

Volcano Shrimp is a shrimp native to the island of Hawaii.

It lives in anchialine ponds that are partial sea water mixed with some fresh water. We call it brackish water. 

The shrimp will thrive and breed successfully in this environment.

Where can I get the Volcano Shrimp ?

There are a few resources where you can obtain these shrimps.

a) Amazon sellers

b) Aquabid

c) OhMyOpae

d) Hawaii Opae Ula