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What kind of natural decoration can I use in my volcano shrimp (Opae ula) tank 3 of 3 ?

Coral chips are used in my shrimp tanks as a decoration and also buffer my water parameter

Coral chips can also be used. I used them in my shrimp tanks as a decoration and also buffer my water parameter.

The advantage of coral chips contains calcium carbonate. This helps the volcano shrimp shed away ‚Äčits shell or exoskeleton as it grows. This shedding process is called molting.

Coral chip and lava chip comparison. I used both in my tanks.

What kind of natural decoration can I use in my volcano shrimp (Opae ula) tank 1 of 3 ?

Lava rock can be used as decoration or hiding place for the volcano (Opae ula) shrimp

My favourite piece of decoration for my volcano shrimp tank is a piece of natural lava rock.
‚ÄčIt comes in a few colours like black, brown or maroon.

It has a beautiful texture and is light weight.

The holes on the lava rocks provide good hiding place especially for the pregnant shrimp !

If you are not able to purchase big lava rock, you can also use lava chips (broken up lava rock) too.
I love to use them for my nano size volcano shrimp tank !

Big lava rock or lava chips can be used in the volcano shrimp (opae ula) tank

Can I use other kinds of salt for my volcano shrimp (opae ula) tank ? No, it killed my shrimps !

Common Sea Salt killed my Volcano Shrimp

The answer is NO !

I made this mistake a few years back when I used Portuguese Sea Salt and Himalayan Rock Salt for my shrimp tank. It was affordable and easily available in any supermarket.

But the moment I put the volcano shrimp into the mixed salt water, they swam in circle and upsize down in distress ! Many shrimps died as a result.

Perhaps some chemicals were used in the packaging of these salts. But I have no way to find out.

My advice is to use Aquarium Sea Salt for marine fishes and invertebrates. Be safe than sorry.

What kind of salt can I use for my Volcano Shrimp (Opae Ula) shrimp tank ?

Use only Aquarium Sea Salt. Do not use other types of common cooking salt !

Please use Aquarium Sea Salt to mix with the distilled water for your shrimp tank.

Do not use common cooking salt, Himalayan Salt, French Sea Salt or Portuguese Sea Salt.
It will kill the volcano shrimp !

I am using Red Sea Aquarium Salt, there are other brands as well.

a) Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix

b) Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt

c) Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Marine Salt Blend

Can I make my own pure distilled water for drinking or for my volcano shrimp (Opae Ula) tank ? It is more convenient and readily available when I need it.

Steam Water Distiller for making pure distilled drinking water

Yes, you can.

First you need to buy yourself an equipment called a steam water distiller. Next you add 4 Litres of water into it. Switch on the power and wait 7 hours.

The best time to make pure distilled water is at night before you go to bed. The water will cool to the room temperature for use the next day.

Where can I get the above steam water distiller ? If you are staying in Singapore, just go to the following address:

Ms Ng Chew Hong
Fit for Life Centre Singapore
Blk 462, Crawford Lane,
Unit 02-55, Singapore 190462
Tel: (65) 6291 8080

What kind of water should I use in my volcano shrimp (Opae ula) tank ? Tap water, Rain water or distilled water ?

Pure Bottled Distilled water for drinking

The best water for the volcano shrimp is aquarium sea salt mixed with pure distilled water. The reason is because there are impurities in our drinking water.

Chemicals are added into our drinking water to kill bacteria and pathogen. The water is pumped come from our water company all the way to our house through various water pipes. These pipes introduce more impurities into our drinking water.

Alternatively, you can always collect clean rain water. Let it rain for about 15 mins or longer before you collect the water. The rain water is much cleaner.