What kind of natural decoration can I use in my volcano shrimp (Opae ula) tank 1 of 2 ?

I prefer mostly natural decoration for my volcano shrimp (opae ula) tank.

My favourite piece of decoration is a piece of natural lava rock.

It has a beautiful texture and is light weight and comes in a few colours like black, brown or maroon and lightweight.

The holes in the lava rocks provide a good hiding place fot the volcano shrimp (opae ula)

Pregnant volcano shrimp are often found hiding in there.

Lava rock can be used as decoration or hiding place for the volcano (Opae ula) shrimp

If you unable to purchase big pieces of lava rock, you can also use small lava chips too.

I love to use them for my miniature and nano size volcano shrimp (opae ula) tank !

Big lava rock or lava chips can be used in the volcano shrimp (opae ula) tank

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