Where can I keep my Volcano Shrimp ? Is plastic or glass container better ?

You can keep your volcano shrimp (opae ula) in any plastic or glass container. 

Just do not use any metal container as it will rust and kill the shrimps.

Glass bottle tank with plastic lid

You can DIY and cut an acrylic sheet to be used a a tank lid.  

Volcano Shrimp Acrylic Tank

I prefer heavy, sturdy glass tank as it will not stain and you can scrub the tank easily without scratching it.

Remember to put a lid over the tank to prevent evaporation loss.

Water evaporate will cause a change in water salinity, thus kill the volcano shrimp (opae ula) slowly.

Volcano Shrimp glass tank

These are glass jar with lid from ikea company.

ikea glass jar with lid

These jar comes with wooden lid.

glass jar with lid

These jar comes with aluminum lid.

These jars come with aluminium lid

These jar comes without lid.

glass jar without lid

These jars are of various sizes but come without lid.

jar without lid

These designer jars come without lid.

You can put a round marble as a lid.

odd size jar with small opening

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